Affirmation Monday 28122020

I am accepting; I am cleansing, I am resetting.

It’s time for us to follow our counterparts in nature and let go of things no longer serve a purpose. For instance, if a tree has a dying branch, internal measures are put in place for the branch to be purged.

Following nature, our bodies, mind and spirit exist in homeostasis. When the equilibrium is disrupted, our bodies attempt to starve the source. However, if this is not possible (and the burden becomes too great) our bodies slowly shift to create a new equilibrium. These are often presented as hypertension and diabetes.

If our bodies are designed to facilitate such mechanisms, then our minds must follow suit. It is time for us to internalise and change to reach our highest potential. The choice may be painful at first with self-doubt. However, with all wounds, the decisions will offer healing.

Cleansing with result in growth; letting go of things that no longer serve us to make room for the greater blessings to come. There is a need to have continuous cleansing to maintain blessings. This year has shown the world in a cleansing phase, and so many things flourished as a result. We have our proof, so it’s time to accept, cleanse and reset.

Happy Manifesting,
Nomadic (Free) Spirit



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